Is it possible for a story game to become popular?

I’m making some story game (not like caming or any other games like that) With different endings depending on what you choose to say in the dialogs, but I am getting worried about if actual games like this can become successfull so I started having my doubts and I started to work less in the game, so I was asking for some advice or if my work would be worth it, for now I have almost all of the story made but I wont publish it until its done, a resume of the game would be like “the difference between human and AI” I guess, anyways, I want you guys to give your thoughts about what I can show so far. Thanks!

here is the game

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Story games (from what I’ve seen) typically don’t get very popular, but do mostly build smaller more engaged audiences and communities. Stuff like Camping are primarily created to be a quick, straightforward experience that anyone can jump into and understand, and are heavily marketable towards kids. However, you shouldn’t decide whether to release a game or not based solely on wanting to get high player counts or rake in tons of Robux, as sometimes it’s better to be proud of something you’ve put more emotion and care into. But hey, those are just my two cents. I think it’s best for you to make your own decision.

I think that with enough advertisement and effort, it could very well be popular.

To be honest, I think you are a little late in the story genre (Roblox had a massive wave of story games a while back), however, I know that there are plenty of story games out there. The popularity of your game depends on many different factors.

  • Is your game well built/scripted?

  • What kind of story is it?

  • Will you be advertising your game?

Any game can get popular, no matter the genre, it all depends on your style, technique, advertising methods, etc. I suggest you go ahead with your game, and if it doesn’t get popular then at least you learned from it! Hope this helps! :smiley:

It could be popular, just don’t make it like the others:
Peanut allergy
Skeptical Host
Host dies
Bad ending, Good ending, Secret ending
You don’t have to scorn all of these ideas, just most of them.