Is it possible for me to adopt video technology now?

Currently, you can insert videos that some developers have access to. However, I want to have an event for my group. I want to have it in Roblox specifically. Is it possible to adopt video technology now or no? Please let me know. Thanks! WE


With our current engine and moderation limitations, it is a bit possible. Depends on the video too, because if it’s like, face reveals, it won’t get pass moderation. Without VideoFrames, there are 2 ways:

  • Frame by frame animation
  1. With different images; upload many different frames from a video and change the AssetID from the Decal or ImageLabel;
  2. Sprite sheet, upload a single image with the frames in it, but for a presentation video for like, 1-2 minutes, many sprite sheets are required.

These both go trough moderation.

  • ViewportFrame animation
    While it may be low quality, Viewports can store and act very different things, such as animations with WorldModels. Sadly, the engine cannot support effects such as Beams, but still, it’s a way to do it. And shadows, oof. These things suck but still have an use.

And that was it. Hope it helps!