Is it possible to build structures out of meshes instead of parts?

I notice some “experiences” with realistic-looking cars like Greenville and Ultimate Driving, and I noticed that their buildings aren’t as realistic as their cars, and to me, it doesn’t seem fitting that way. I’m trying to make a game where its map has the same realism as its cars, so is it possible to build structures out of meshes instead of parts? I’m also trying to make a game that’s playable for low-end devices, so I really need some advice when it comes to realism and performance…


Short anwer, yes. Long answer, it’s debatable.

For performance, that would definitely be a difficult task. With maps those size, if the buildings were realistic, the triangle count would be through the roof. It probably is possible, but its easier just to sacrifice the look of the buildings for better performance. I have doubts it would be possible to run low-end devices unless it was a tiny map.


this is an instance where if you are being as ambitious as you sound cant have it all. you can definitely use meshes instead of parts, or export models as objs. but the more detail you add the worse its going to get, i will say ultimate driving just has bad models, roads and cars are top notch but there models are pretty terrible. now, you could go through the trouble of adding detail to these buildings but honestly who cares.

My main point is this. If you are making a showcase game, who cares about performance.
and if you are making a driving game, who cares about the buildings. Look at Minecraft, in fact look at jailbreak. The modeling on jailbreak in the beginning was garbage. yet it broke 100k players concurrent easy. Above all else it is about the experience. not the art.


Realistic is just low poly but with textures :wink: