Is it possible to change the density of terrain water?

I am trying to make a realistic boat system using the roblox water buoyancy.

The issue is that roblox decided that 1 meter was 20 studs, so of course the density being based on the weight of a cubic meter of water, its not dense enough at all.

When I size my boat according to the roblox’s idea of a meter in roblox, and make it weigh accordingly. It works wonderfully. But I can’t have what’s supposed to be a 20 stud long boat be 100 studs long. When I adjust the weight to match the smaller scale of the boat, it becomes very unstable. Any disturbances will cause the boat to wobble for ages before settling, etc.

All this could be fixed if I could just adjust the density of water to be 5x what it is now.

I don’t know if it changes water but in the terrain object in workspace, if you enable CustomPhysicalProperties you can change some things like density


That doesn’t do anything unfortunately.