Is it possible to communicate between different games?

Hello there.

I am creating an Anti-Exploit system and have the idea of that players could send a report to x game for example:

Player1 makes a report and sends it to a completely different GameServer (I am not talking about a place inside of the game, A completely different game) then I would be the only one with access to that game and I could go and view the report.

I am not sure if this is possible because I would of done it via discord however I heard that ROBLOX has not entirely but for now banned communication with discord servers and HTTP requests with it. I also know that I could use MessagingService but I am pretty certain it only works between places not different games.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Its still possible to use discord webhooks, there are multiple workarounds sitting in the forum. Have a look
Just replace with

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Are you able to communicate within different games though? that was my primary idea and I was purely focused on that however,

If not then I would resort to using the WebhookProxy.


Im aware of methods of different servers communicating within the same game, but I do not believe there is a method for direct game to game communication. It would have to be done externally. I believe in this situation it would be better to use a WebhookProxy.