Is it possible to connect a connection ONCE to multiple scripts? Maybe a through module script?

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So basically my game has a round system. There are multiple animatronics that have their own script and functions etc. Each animatronic script will have a Changed. Event so once the game has started each animatronic script will start their functions AT THE SAME TIME. I want to be able to connect 1 event connection ONCE to all of my animatronic scripts so I don’t have like 15 scripts listening to the same start event at once.

  1. **What is the issue and What have I tried doing to solve it.
    I really am clueless. I’ve thought of using module scripts and having all animatronic functions in 1 module script and then calling it in separate scripts. But the problem is that each animatronic has their own characteristics and must be ran separately, so if I were to run them in 1 module it would yield other functions, so the functions won’t run at the same time. I would then have to use many coroutines and I don’t know if that would be the best idea.

I do want to start optimising my scripts even more, mainly trying to avoid repeated connections in multiple scripts. Right now my game has 1 module script, however that Is mainly for Gui purposes.

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If you don’t want to use BindableEvent | Roblox Creator Documentation then you could probably insert something like a Boolval into an instance and have your scripts listen for when that boolval changes using a .Changed event.