Is it possible to create a script that changes the price of a gamepass?

What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!

A script that changes the price of a gamepass in a group.

What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

I know that you can prompt a gamepass with MS = game:GetService(“MarketplaceService”) and MS:PromptProductPurchase(Player,ProductID).

Well, addition to this: You can but you need httpservices on and third party api service to do it, just make sure it’s secure or they’ll be able to use ur account.

It is definitely possible. As @Winbloo mentioned you’ll need to utilize HttpServices and enable Third Party Api Services. But to be specific as to what you would need to do is make a bot that receives a request, which will configure the gamepass based on the request.

So it is possible, but it is 100% not recommended. Roblox is only so secure and having such a vulnerable injection point would not be good. Especially when it comes to bots that can manage group assets. Furthermore there will be problems with transactions, as multiple changes to the asset while in use could see some bugs or issues occurring. And you have to account for the latency of the server to the bot and back. It would need a lot of load and stress testing to verify it’s usability.

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Sure, it is. You will need a web server to receive http requests and then use http request from your web server to change the price using the roblox API. You will need to pass a .ROBLOSECURITY in that request (which should be of type POST if I remember correctly). Make sure that the account you are passing the cookie of is an alt and that has the permissions to edit the game. You would need to host this web server or else use a proxy to send requests from your game’s servers but I wouldn’t reccoment it as you would give them access to your alr account if they log your request.

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