Is it possible to detect amount of local player gui over than game give?

Hi, i just got idea about anti-hack gui but i have no idea about script detecting amount of player gui, is it possible to make it detect gui amount?

You can only in local scripts, as the gui’s they add are client sided, but this is pointless as exploiters can remove or disable local scripts.

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And on top of that, some of them have exploits that can surpass the power of local scripts, meaning they could add guis to the coregui service, also, some of them have the power of (or more than) corescripts, meaning all of your hard work will go to waste in the end.
But, you could still do it to stop low level exploiters, all you have to do is get all the guis in your playergui folder and then just remember all of them by making a table and referencing that every time a new instance is added to the player’s playergui folder, but as I said, this will not work on higher level exploits because roblox doesn’t give the developers the ability to use their scripts on the coregui

if item:IsA(“ScreenGui”) and item.Parent == game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui then 

This blocks all exploit guis in the player gui, put it in a local script in starter player scripts.