Is it possible to disable the new VR hotbar?

I have a game that requires a cursor to point at a surface and also puts the player in a perspective where they are floating above the ground and looking down. Because the player is facing downwards, in VR, Roblox’s hotbar interferes with detection and obstructs the view of the surface. The documentation for StarterGui:SetCore() doesn’t have a listed way to disable the hotbar, but as I’ve discovered from digging through the source code of Nexus VR, there is an undocumented method for enabling the VR laser pointer: “VRLaserPointerMode”. This makes me suspect that there might be another undocumented method for setting the state of the hotbar.


Bumping this post so hopefully someone can answer

local function RemoveVRCore()
		Camera:WaitForChild("VRCorePanelParts", 3):WaitForChild("BottomBar_Part", 3):Destroy()

Here man


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