Is it possible to display animated characters with tools in a viewportframe?

I’m making a skill shop where players can buy skills (for weapons, such as sword lunge, sword spin slash, etc). I’m using a character inside of a worldmodel inside of a viewportframe for this. In the script, I create a VPF for each skill, put a character with a sword inside it, and run the animation. The animation works, but the tool doesnt move at all. It is not anchored, and running the animation works in workspace.

I searched the devforum but could find nothing about this

Does anyone know how this could work? Any help is appreciated

(Should this be in scripting support?)


I’m not entirely confident about my knowledge of animations and moving parts with them, so correct me if I’m wrong. But maybe the sword isn’t being welded to the character inside the WorldModel model correctly? You might have to recreate the welds, if that’s what you are using, once you’ve moved it into the WorldModel.

I’d open the game in Studio, Play Test, and open the PlayerGui in the Player and your WorldModel for one of the skills to see if the sword is attached correctly.

Ah ok, I’ll try that later (I dont have studio atm). Thanks for the reply

Creating a new weld between the handle and the hand worked! Thanks for your help

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