Is it possible to do this in blender?

Hey there, I was just curious if this is possible in blender.

Here it is:

Whenever I zoom out of an object/landscape, some of it just kind of fades away. It disappears. I don’t know if this is a setting in blender or I’m just dumb and this is meant to happen. The main reason I’m writing this is because when I render the image it comes out with the faded out and rendered out image.

Any help? :grinning:

It happens to me as well, isn’t really anyway to fix it (at least from what I know) it’s basically roblox fog that cuts things off.

I think you can solve this by selecting the camera, going to object data, going to lens, and then adding a few zeros to clip end.

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I didn’t import it from roblox :confused: It’s called A.N.T landscape addon for all different types of terrain.

Thanks for the help. I’ll try when I get the chance. It’s not a pain to deal with, it’s…just annoying and gets in the way sometimes. Besides that, thanks for helping me.

Your welcome. Also, this won’t change anything in the viewport just for the render. If you would like to change it for the viewport too you can just press n (if the sidebar isn’t there already), go to view, and add a few zeros on the clip end there too.

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Dude. Thanks so much. People are like you are very kind and I appreciate it. This has helped me out a lot.

I never meant like from roblox i meant like it acts like roblox fog, it has an end and any parts beyond that become un seeable.

Oh, my bad :slight_smile: I thought you were referring to an imported object from ROBLOX studio.