Is it possible to edit the price or description of a Developer Product?

Hi All,

Likely a silly question, and I wasn’t sure where to ask, but is it possible to edit an existing Developer Product, or do you need to create a new one (or rename the existing)? I found that when I click the edit button on a previously created Developer Product…

…I am taken to this screen, which would seem to indicate that you may edit an existing DP…

However, when I edit either the price or description and click ‘Update’ I receive the following message.

Is it really not possible to edit an existing DP without changing the name; or, am I missing something simple?



Pretty sure this is a bug. I think you can change the name when you edit it, then change the name back to the original name and it should work, but I have seen this before in the reports category.


Changing the name while making my intended change, then changing the name back worked perfectly. Embarrassed I didn’t try that first. Thank you!

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