Is it possible to fork and override the GameSettings core script? Or which core scripts can be overridden?


Hey all,

Just some quick questions.

Is it possible to override or edit the GameSettings core script in a way that will affect actual players? If so, how do I go about this? I’m aware there are ‘override’ options in Studio Settings, but do they just affect my local studio? Or can I include an additional core script that extends things?

If not, which Core scripts can be overridden? And how do I go about that?

I’m trying to learn the extent to which I can modify / extend core systems. I’ve read a lot of forum threads but have no definitive answers.



You cannot override any core script that isn’t direclty inserted anywhere other than core services like CoreGui. This includes the entire Escape menu.


Thanks. And presumably there’s no way to call functions or communicate with these scripts at all outside the API? Sad but understandable.


There are ways to communicate with them, such as SetCore.


There are some things that you can influence through this API member:

But this is mostly limited to hiding/showing certain elements, overriding reset logic, and whether certain notifications will show up, and sending custom system messages and notifications.

Moreover, there is an API member to set the transparency of the top bar here:

And this API member exists to hide certain sets of UI entirely:

You are also able to modify functionality of how the chat works by overriding certain chat modules, similarly to how you can override control and camera scripts.

Other than all of the above, there is nothing that you can edit about the CoreGui and other core elements as far as I’m aware.


Thanks for all your help.