Is it possible to generate an item icon in game with like a camera or something?

So I am making an inventory system and I want to make items that you pick up have icons in your inventory. However, I do not want to manually make them is it possible to make the icons when the game is initialized or when the player picks them up. Also, I want the icon that is generated to be on an image button so the player can click on the icon.

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If you know and already possess the IDs of all the Icons you wish to use you can just store the Icons in a folder in RepStorage and just clone them.

Making the icon that is generated an image button will require you to get the id from the repstorage and then use it for the ImageButton Image ID.

I believe you are misunderstanding me I wish to duplicate the selected model and add it to a viewport frame and add it to an image button.

Well yes that is definitely possible and I’m not much help because I don’t know how

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Alright i knew how to do this but I didnt know if it was the most efficient way to do it. I just made a camera and a viewport frame positioned the camera to look at the object and used the current camera of the frame to display the object.

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