Is it possible to give players items that I have created as a reward?

I want to achieve a style of game similar to those in Roblox events, for example, if you work in a certain game long enough, you can purchase items for “coins” or the currency in your game. I don’t know if this is possible though, since I have only seen it in events and such games, but if this is possible, please let me know! Thank you

You can’t give avatar items as an reward, only Roblox events can award these.
You can give players In-game items tho.

Edit: You are now able to give out items as a reward, because of ugc limiteds.

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Thanks! I wasnt sure if I could do it or not.

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There is a solution, but not a very good one.

You can use MarketPlaceService and Prompt Purchase. Using this will pop open a menu prompting the purchase.

The line of code below prompts the player for a zero robux purchase of a spawn location.


So, to answer your question, yes there is a way, just not a very good way.

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No, sir.
He asked if you can give avatar items not roblox studio models. :slight_smile: