Is it possible to import custom fonts into Studio?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to import custom fonts into Studio. I know it’s not possible via the font picker however if its stored on a web server would it be possible? I’ve got a link of a font I want to import into my UI from my GitHub page. I’ve seen it done with the ThreeDText plugin however I don’t want to make my text three dimensional.

Font Links

Thanks for helping me out.


So far as I know, there isn’t a way to do this with the official text fields. There are other options involving images but they’re not very practical.

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As @ernakou stated, it would be possible to do this with images and a function that writes the images into a frame as text, though this would be very difficult. You would need 36 images preloaded into the client before they load in their game (and possibly more images depending on how many special characters you want) and the algorithm to make this happen would probably take a while to create. This is possible though, and would be a viable option if you really needed the font that badly.

I don’t need it that badly but I thought it might be possible somehow. I forgot to mention here that the game Loomian Legacy uses a custom font.

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Sadly, no. What they did was simply use images, and treated that as a “font”.

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