Is it possible to make certain parts only collide with certain players?

The title pretty much says it, I just want to know if it is possible to have certain players be able to touch certain parts. For Example,

Player A can touch Part 1
Player B can’t.

When Player A comes in contact with Part 1, Player A will collide with it and be able to stand on it. Player B will just go through it like there is nothing there.

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Yes you can easily, with Collision Groups! (Collision Filtering Article)

Here are two other articles that might help:

And here’s the API reference: (within Physics service)

Or if you wanted to you can use a remote event and fire the (specified) client and disable CanCollide with a certain part (locally), but you might not or might want to do this depending on your game. I would personally just use Collision groups anyways though for something like this, because i think that it’s more intuitive and “powerful”.