Is it possible to make descendants unremovable?

I am making a plugin which requires a necessary folder to work. But the descendants which have created with are easy to delete, no matter what its parent is. Is it possible to make some sort of protection to prevent them for deleting?

Hello, is it this you are looking for~



This member cannot be used in scripts, but is usable in the command bar and plugins.

Property of: Instance

Value Type: bool


If true, the Instance and its descendants cannot be indexed or edited by a Script or LocalScript and will throw an error if it is attempted.

This property currently cannot be changed by developers.

This property is primarily intended to protect objects in the CoreGui service from being altered by users in an unauthorized manner. Developers looking to alter the CoreGui should use StarterGui:SetCore and StarterGui:GetCore .

By definition, this can’t be changed by developers. Thus, he can’t use it to protect his Instances.


But it has PluginSecurity. So a plugin can use it.

@SashaEfanov why do you want to force a user to keep a folder? What if they don’t want to use your plugin anymore? How are they supposed to delete it? Seems like a bad user experience.

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What is it you’re trying to protect? It may be possible that you can put it in a hidden location or change the name so that users know it’s part of your plugin. For example, “[ForbiddenJTools] Camera Light”

Hello, I just wanted to say that Roblox locked is deprecated sadly :frowning:

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