Is It Possible To Make Our Forum Avatar Fetch From A URL?

Because I know a work around that allows for auto-updating image of your ROBLOX avatar.

Grab your base image URL

Then shorten it with a URL shortener. I have only tested with but all others should work fine. (won’t work with img tags apparently though.)

Does that work?

EDIT: It appears to be working. Hooray. Simply append ‘?.png’ to the end of the URL and it appears to work.

I like this idea and wouldnt be hard to do at all

Even though the Admin Council are all powerful, we have limited access to the “box”. We have to make appointments with the Ops team to get access to the “box”. Without that access, we are limited to the changes available from the KuneaForum settings. We are working on a list of things to do when we get access to the “box” and will add this to the list of possibilities.

You make the “box” sound like a horrible place to be :frowning:

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