Is it possible to make reflective parts more realistic, instead of having them just reflecting the sky?

The parts with high reflectancy only reflect the sky, not anything near them.


That’s just currently how Roblox’s system works for reflections, it should hopefully be changing when the new lighting systems and other features come out.

One temporary bypass is cloning and flipping parts if it’s for a floor reflecting a ceiling.
What I meant by this is if you’re trying to make the floor reflect a ceiling, make the floor transparent, with a flipped clone of the ceiling below it.


@MrLonely1221 to add onto it:

Or if you wanted to go overkill, bake the lighting of the part in blender with a high reflectance of what you want to reflect, then export the texture (make sure to denoise it) and you’ll have reflections on your part.

Probably a hacky way of doing it though but it works :man_shrugging:

You’ll probably of course have to learn some your ropes around blender.

Also, shadows are not from roblox, they were baked in as well :ok_hand:


You could turn down the transparency so looks like it’s shining try it then you will like it

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There actually is a way to bypass the color of the sky so you can go ahead and set that reclectance to 99 and it’s not going to change the color, just the shine. Take a look at this video demonstration. robloxapp-20200818-2249576.wmv (6.3 MB)

So how did I do it? Well there are many ways to trick the system but the best way that I always use is just setting reflectance all the way. Then I slap a decal on all 6 faces of the part or mesh, the decal is just a blank white square. Remember use 6 decals to cover each side, don’t paste a texture ID in the mesh. Next thing to do is configuration, you can change the white to whatever color you want your shiny part to be for example lets say you wanted gold so therefore you would change the decals color to a yellow of your choice that best matches the color of gold. Then it’s time to polish it up, you can change the transparency of the decals so you can see the super reflective part underneath. You might be thinking it’s going to show up just as blue as it usually does but not this time, in fact you can knock out all that color of the skybox without knocking out the shine. And if you wanted to make it even more realistic you can also change the color of the original part or mesh and it will change the color of the clouds reflected off it, if you play around with it long enough you can get something very satisfying and realistic, you can even use glass instead of SmoothPlastic if you wanted a different kind of shine.


Here is a place I put together showcasing my combinations and a few other stuff, play around with your graphics settings to see what changes if anything although I’m 99% certain that my reflectance is visible to the lowest graphics setting. You can also copy the place and the models if you wanna take an in depth look at how things work.