Is it possible to put this frame under the player?

So I have a script that says when you’re near a door it will make this frame or line that you see visible. It automatically adjusts the size and everything. Its perfect! Excpet that the frame is above the player. It looks odd that its always ontop of the player. Is there anyway to get the frame to go above everything but the player?

I had an idea of using a viewport frame of just the player but I both couldn’t get it to work the way I needed.

Thank you!


Assuming this is a billboard GUI, put the UI in startergui then set its Adornee to the specific part. Afterwards, disable the Enabled property then only enable it using a localscript for that specific person. Also, in the same script you can optionally remove the billboard gui from the playergui of players who are not allowed to access the gui.

Set AlwaysOnTop to false? <Asa\SAAS>

Its a normal gui with a frame in it. The frame is the line.

Is that even possible with a gui?

@Pro_Iano Look at the edit I made. I added a picture.

Did you even check the properties of the Surfacegui/BilboardGui?

Yes, there is nothing about AlwaysOnTop. Its a ScreenGui if you look at the second picture.

As I said earlier in your old thread, you could use beams which will be in 3D space connected by 2 attachments

I’m not so good at using beams though, so you would have to learn that by yourself

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I tried it and it didnt work very well but I guess I could give it another go.

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I figured it out. Took me a few mins but I finally got it! Thank you for the help once again.

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