Is it possible to re-create the macOS Genie Effect?

Greetings! I am re-creating a ton of elements of macOS at the moment, and now I am at the point of re-creating the Genie effect, aka, the minimizing effect of macOS.

Here is what the Genie effect is:

If it is possible, I would like help in trying to re-create it in Roblox.
Thanks in advance!

Replicating that 1:1 is impossible to my knowledge, unless you make the UI using multiple frames below each other and then scaling those, which is god dang terrible idea. You can make it similar by having a look at tween service and scaling the UI, but it will not look like this 1:1. Please correct me, if I am wrong.

You might be interested in reading this: Recreating the macOS Genie Effect


I know this is old, but for anyone wondering, this would be possible using skinned meshes and a viewport frame.

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Can you explain a little bit what a “Skinned Mesh” is? As a scripter / UI designer, I don’t know what this is.

It’s a rigged mesh made to be imported into ROBLOX.

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