Is it possible to use a ViewportFrame into a BillboardGui?

Hey everyone!
I’m making a Gui to display the pets wich are in the egg.
I’m trying to put a ViewportFrame and to show the pet into the viewportFrame.
The viewportframe is inside of the billboardGui but it is not working…
I tried to put my viewportFrame into a screenGui and it worked perfectly…

It’s why I’m asking if I can put a ViewportFrame into a BillboardGui and if it is, how can I do this?

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From experience, ViewportFrames only work inside of BillboardGuis if you put the BillboardGui inside of PlayerGui and set the adornee of the BillboardGui to the part you want it to be on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh thx you for your quick awnser but I have a little problem now…
Let me show you my Explorer: explorer2

And here is the result : rendu

and this how it is supposed to be : supposed to be

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I’m trying to insert a viewportframe showing all my pets in each square

Oh I found the problem !
Thx you guys