Is it possible to use httpservice to get information from DevForums?

So, I am wondering if this is possible if it is it will be useful for a rule list in-game, update logs, etc. I tired with scripting it once but I failed and/or lacking some permissions.

local https = game:GetService("HttpService")
local link = "" -- Censored out this link.
local v = https:GetAsync(link)

I rather not to be wasting my time scripting something isn’t possible. This forum was made out of curiosity to it’s finest. (As I am typing this I am mocking random accents, sorry for that being irrelevant.) All I am wondering if it IS POSSIBLE.

Testing note; I was testing on the forum made in #bulletin-board selection.

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This is end of the messy post, and most likely the messiest post you will ever read/seen. (Opinion, no hate please…)

You cannot send HTTP Requests to Roblox-owned URLs from Roblox.

You must use proxies to do this.

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I will look into it. First time to google the word “proxies.” Alright, the first website will not be trusted. Wait, isn’t proxy servers dangerous to use.

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“Proxy” in this case is just a fancy word for “webserver”.

You can set one up on Glitch if you know how to use JavaScript (it’s free)

There’s also existing ones somewhere in #resources:community-resources

I now understand what you by proxy. I have a idea of how to do this. Hopefully… thank you for your help @iiRealistic_Dev!

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