Is it possible to view a player on a Frame?

So I’m wondering if you can spectate a player on a Gui Frame?

And if theres a API it for can you link it?

Thanks! :roblox_light:

Unfortunately I don’t think there is a good way to spectate players using a GUI object.

You can use Viewport Frame that does what you want, but you will still need to find a way to replicate (via cloning parts, loading animations, scripting work etc.) everything inside the frame itself which is very laggy, inefficient and will have terrible lighting.

Its better to just change the player’s camera to follow another player and add GUI ontop.
I myself also wish there was a way to just render 2 cameras at once (e.g. split screen)

Okay! Thank you! I guess I’ll do that!

You can use a ViewportFrame! And place a humanoid character inside of it, and then apply the player humanoid description.