Is it possible to weld something to a constraint?

this is probably an extremely stupid question but im making a control arm for my car suspension and i have two points i want the control arm to be always inbetween

(Below) instead of the yellow control arm staying at its rotation i want it to always be between the red and green points. the red point will be moving a lot, so i cant just do it with the move tool/rotate tool.

i’ve tried the cframe method (,pos2) ) but it lags behind the car with the server framerate which is quite annoying.

i’ve also tried having a motor6d but i can’t even wrap my brain around how i would make it always face the red part, if thats a better solution, please let me know.


ive come up with a MAYBE possible method of having a functionless spring between the two points and ‘welding’ the arm to that spring’s rotation and movement.

how would i do this? where would i start? (remember no changing cframe or else it lags behind/breaks core car welds)