Is it possible two have 2 separete animations withing the same model?

Straight to the question - How can you have multiple animations playing on a character at the same time?

I want to know if it’s possible to have two separete animations for a humanoid rig - one for the legs and one for the upper body and if yes - how to do it.

As from what I have seen now from Moon Animation Suite I need a root part for an animation but the problem is that the two animations use the same root part and so one won’t be plated.

If having two separete animations what should I do - animate for every possible combination of movements or what?

Thanks for reading :grin:

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Yeah, that’s fine. Use the same root part. Just use different animations and play them both.

Don’t forget to set a different priority for each animation accordingly.

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What if I want them to be with the same priotity. My goal is to make it so the player doesn’t have to stop to attack and i think both animations should have the same prio. I am somewhat new in animating so if I am mistaken please point it out ^^
Thanks for the fast reply

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You can have the same priority, sure. Just set it accordingly.

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