Is it still possible to be a roblox developer after getting alot of account warnings?

Recently, I have become a very smart ROBLOX developer and have started developing my own game in hopes that someday I could get an invitation to RDC, and meet the roblox developers who I look up to as a child.

However, my account is extremely old and I have done alot of stupied things on it. Is it still possible to be a Roblox Developer, even with all my past warnings, bans? If not, is it possible to somehow get your account cleared for what it has done?

You can be a Roblox Developer regardless of your moderation history. The only thing these moderation actions may affect is your chances at cashing out in DevEx (not sure about RDC but probably). If you keep a clean record, you’ll be good (a few years with no major moderations).

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Well then, I guess I’ll keep up with building on the Roblox Platform. Hope to get my game released by July of 2023!
If I had to say thankyou to something, it would be the Roblox Wiki, The Dev King, and Alvinblox because it really is a miracle of how much you can learn from reading and watching youtube videos. Heck it even got me into a programming college.


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