Is it worth continuing this game?

So, this is a concept game I was working on some months ago. I was considering working on it again, is it worth it?

Here’s the link if you’d like to see it for yourself

Any feedback is appreciated!


sure, you can continue working on this game! i would love to go in a race car and race to the podium
the only concern i have is the name, i’m a bit afraid you can get copyright struck because the name NASCAR is protected…


Actually, it seems that the Nascar corporation doesn’t mind games like this. I’ve seen plenty names such as “Nascar: full pack racing” and even “Nascar Unleashed” on roblox. Funniest thing is that NASCAR unleashed is an actual console game which is protected, they still haven’t got any warnings yet. Thanks for the info, however!


how do you know lol, did you contact NASCAR or something???

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Hah, no. I doubt this game will receive any attention at all. But I’ll take name changing into high consideration. Would really suck to be forced to change the name haha…

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That game is nice. I would keep working on if I where you. You still got to be careful about moderation, it can still be taken down.

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The concept is good but I found some things that need to be fixed. First the wheels doesn’t rotate when you steer and second there is an issue with the models:

As you can see looking at the front left wheel you can see through the model

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Unfortunately, Only A type chassis have turning wheels, and A-Chassis cannot colide with each other. I’ll be able to fix the mesh glitch, though. Thank you for the feedback!

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You can! If you feel like your under pressure or need a break you can always work on another project!


You can use CFrames to rotate the wheels or if those are fake wheels you may use constraints

They can, just add some invisible collision parts around for the hitbox and turn CanCollide on for them.

I honestly think this is a cool concept just by the pictures (Currently not able to play the game due to me not having access to my computer at the moment)

Even if it doesn’t the experience you got while making this game is just as valuable. I once saw a quote that I’ve never forgotten:

“Your first game may fail. But you can’t make your 50th game without making your first”

If I were you, I would continue making it. I think this is a great concept that will also give you a lot of experience with modeling and scripting.

Have a great day and good luck!

(As a side note I gotta say that modeling looks sick. I love how realistic it is.)

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

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