Is it worth it making a party system or best to just use the current Roblox system when being friends with someone?

So, I’m currently in the middle of working on a party system in which you can invite your friends and those people will join the game, that is currently working and setup. At a certain time, they all join the specific game and this teleports them to a different server. However, is it then possible for me to transport all of them same people to the original ‘lobby’ server that they were in, still existing in the party? I’d have a feeling I’d do this through the use of a table and transporting this ‘party’ into the server, and then transporting them back into the lobby but I’m not entirely sure. It is pointless me adding a system for a party if you have to invite everyone again after each round. (I plan on having gamepasses for the party, that is really its main purpose).

Sorry if this wasn’t the most clear, ask if you want me to explain.

TeleportService’s functions for teleporting players to servers all have a parameter for teleport data, something you could send along with the teleport from the original server. If you take this teleport data and save it when you receive the teleported players, then you can send them back to the original lobby if you include the instanceId of the server in the teleport data. Then it could send them back to the original server using that instanceId.

You can access the instanceId of the original server via game.JobId. TeleportService:TeleportToPlaceInstance() can send each player to a very specific server (the original lobby).

Even easier you could use the relatively “new” TeleportPartyAsync function
which you can find more info here

But essentially it works just like teleport but takes a list of player objects

local teleportPlayers = {game.Players.Player1, game.Players.Player2}

game.TeleportService:TeleportPartyAsync(placeID, teleportPlayers)

By no means should you use this script because it’s purely just for example purposes

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Yes, this does the job perfectly, didn’t realise this was even a thing! Thanks.