Is it worth making my game xbox compatible?

So, I am starting to begin work on a new game and I was wondering if I should make my game xbox compatible and wether that is a good move when developing a game.

It’d be cool if you could help me with this.


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I mean sure you’ll get more visit’s but I don’t think it’s that necessary.
You do you.


I’m not sure it’s worth it. You’ll have more restrictions for your game to follow Xbox guidelines and to make the controls work, just for a few more people who might play. That’s just my opinion. As ORLANDOMAGIC00 said;


Thank you, good advice.
I’ll use this


If you are skilled enough to integrate and are dedicated enough to take the time to learn how to integrate, then yes.

Be sure to plan out a programming system for your games.

And although it may seem hard, here is a post after just three weeks after xbox integration was added:

Almost a million users, 4 years ago, only 3 weeks after launch. That probably means that adding in console is opening the potential for millions of new players.

I would say what is even more important is localizing. Localize your game so players of many different languages can play, and you unlock a vast treasure trove of new players, maybe even more than console compatibility does (depending on the language.)