Is making a yt trailer a month or so before a game releases a good idea for marketing?

I’ve thought about doing this but wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort. If I do, how should I go about it? Should I put tags in the description, etc.? Keep in mind that I’m trying to keep a 13+ audience due to the content in the game.


Yeah making and uploading a trailer is a good idea of marketing but you need to build up popularity and hype at first, like doing behind the scene development videos on twitter or yt (or any social media) just to hype up the viewers if they liked the concept of the game.

After, you can create the trailer and post it to all social media platforms that your game has access with. People who viewed the Development diaries and liked the concept will most likely be excited to the release of the game and they will also watch your trailer to see what the game looks in the final version.


Oh okay. That makes sense, thanks!


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