Is 'MessagingService' viable for larger sized games?

Alright, I am working on a third-person shooter game and I was wondering if Messaging Service is viable for larger sized games.

So let’s say, My game became popular which I highly doubt I just don’t want systems that can stop working. If I used messaging service to trigger a Soft Shutdown System, Would that be viable? Shutdown all servers can take a while so that isn’t really a good idea on my end as, if a big exploit on the game dropped and I patch it (it will take them a week or so to crack it because of my paid obfuscation) I want the servers to restart really quickly so there isn’t much more exploit trouble.

In that sense, Would MessagingService be viable?

I think it would be absolutely viable, considering its one server that’s publishing a message, while everyone else receives it and then shutdowns the current server.
The message is gonna be posted quite rarely, so I doubt it’d hit any limits with MessagingService.