Is my art worth selling?

Hello! I’ve recently started getting back into my old hobby of digital art and I’m contemplating opening it up for commotions. I don’t think my art would be worth selling but here’re a few examples of what I’ve done recently:

Still adding pictures - having difficulties transferring from my tablet

If anyone would like to share their thoughts and opinions that would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:
[Apologies if this is under the incorrect topic :sweat_smile:]


These look great! You should sell!

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Thanks! I really try to put some effort into it, I just lack a bit of confidence to do it & I have little to no knowledge on how to do so. :sweat_smile:

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Commissioning? I suggest you look at how other people do it to get an idea, there’s loads of portfolios on devforum

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Thanks! I’ll look into it, I’ll probably end up making a portfolio by the end of the night! :joy:

I love them! They would be worth selling if you added better poses I think. Right now, the poses are very basic. They look like they’re just standing with their legs together and hands to their sides. Maybe put the first one in a crossed arms position and the second one in a waving position. Otherwise, I think they are great and you have real talent!