Is my built in GUI editor broken?

Really not sure what is going on… it quite clearly says the X Size Scale should be 1, so it should span the whole width of the screen??? It also goes way too far down if I view it in the mobile screen thing


edit: Posted better pics

edit: Fixed after disabling several GUI plugins which must have been incompatible with each other or just glitched out

Did you scale every child of the GUI

Yes, they are all scaled to 1 on the X and Y, but their parent is what is selected in the screenshot anyway

Edit: they are in the correct position when I test the game… but are just completely glitched in the editor, even when I make a new GUI Element as well

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Maybe try using a different device option instead of the iPhone X

It seems to be broken on all the devices… I have restarted studio and its still broken

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That’s very weird, I myself am not certain how this is possible. My only recommendation I can give for scaling GUIs is this useful and simple plugin: AutoScale Lite - Roblox
Hope this helps!

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Does the Frame have any UI objects inside it, such as UIAspectRatioConstraint?

No it doesn’t; only TextLabels

Just checked my plugins folder, and I actually already had that. After disabling it and a couple other GUI plugins that I don’t use anyway it fixed itself haha. I am guessing it must have just been a glitch with a plugin or something

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Most probably! Always disable fishy plugins. I myself along with a few other bigger devs I know use 0 plugins as they might have access to certain parts of your game.

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