Is my CTR good for my ad?

Hello Developers,

Recently I decided to create/launch ads for my clothing group. I’ve done this on a budget as I was poor and only had 10 robux. :weary:

Here is my add:

Here are the statistics so far:
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 21.09.02

Leave feedback and hopefully if these results are good and I make more profit I will invest more into ads to help grow my group. Thank you, callofdutypro9876 :slightly_smiling_face:


The CTR for 10 robux can’t even be 0.4% for me, your CTR is way more good! Maybe people are interested in your clothing group.

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Coming from a person that adverted 10 Robux A LOT in the past, I’d say that’s a good CTR. I’d usually get in the 1-2.5% range but when I started to advert more Robux I went into the 0.5-4% range so it’s really just a huge gamble.

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How did you advertise it I can’t do it but it looks good for me keep it up :+1:

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Yes it’s a good CTR BUT sometimes CTR doesn’t matter because what if people are clicking your ad but nothing is making them stay? so your main focus should be making an ad that is very appealing to the viewers. Also make sure the place you’re leading to has nice icons and thumbnails.


I usually bid 50 robux every 24 hours and once i got like 4.28% CTR.

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Good CTR, your group has a lot of potential I think, Id like to support your business. Do you have Discord?

Think about this. You got 11 clicks for 10 Robux. That’s a CTR rate of 1.1! So, if you invest 100 robux, you will get 110 clicks (hopefully). If you invest 1000, you will get 1100! That is a very good ratio.