Is my game earning too small amounts

Hello, I’ve made a game a few days ago and its blown up, (1) [UPDATE 2] Find The Ben Morphs [45] - Roblox
It’s a game where you have to find certain objects, then you are able to morph as the character.
You are able to Purchase each morph depending on its rarity, Common, Rare will be sold at 150 robux, Legendary at 200 robux and Mythical at 250 Robux
The rarities are set depending on how difficult it is to find the object.

Tho, the issue is, My game has only earnt 56,000 robux but is getting 1.3k playing and 208k visits at the time of me writing

Is this a big, or small amount?


Not bad nor good amount, I suggest adding more game passes generally! I don’t see any ratings on the gam passes so It seems like your game heavily relies on premium payouts. Try adding funny game passes like “Spawn a killer ben” or “turn into a giant ben” or other funny stuff people might be interested in rather than generic gear game passes. Just make sure the game passes does not annoy players intensely! Also you can make custom ben morphs for robux if want to monetize more. I also notice many players are confused and not really doing much. Try to make the morph button more obvious, and if they know how to play the game, they may be invested into the game more!


Ho ho ho, yes. (1111111111111)