Is my game good?

This is the

It is a basic form of the game, there’s going to be more updates coming. Can you rate it?

Its not a bad start. Just needs some more help.

I would create some sort of lobby so people are not able to see the map loading in the background. I would add some more details to the game, looks kind of bland without it.

I would work on the sword mechanism and get that sorted out as it is too OP, I hit a player with it and it caused instant death.

But so far its making progress and I didn’t want to say too much as it is so early in development.

Well, I just started it about a month ago and I have only been working with Roblox studio for about 5 months.

some sort of kills/points/money system to buy new or different looking swords
work on the hit mechanics because currently, you don’t even have to hit a person to kill them

3/10 sorry this is low but your game doesn’t really do much. You kinda just have a sword. Also the teams don’t work and other stuff.

Adding the usual stuff like a lobby, round system and probably more game play elements would really make this game… a game.

Thankyou for your feed back. I will try to add those things.

Looks good. Just recommending to add some other swords to buy, and it’d be great.


I am making all new sets of tools like guns, hammers, jetpacks, and more. I am also making a better map.

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