Is my game ready for a 10k sponsorship?

If this topic doesn’t seem correct, just give me a heads-up and I’ll change it! I made it game design as this topic is related to user experience, monetization, game loops, etc.

Greetings developers! I released a game recently, and I’m not sure if I should move on to advertising or not. I’ve had some streamers and friends come in, all with pretty positive reviews, and I don’t know whether I should invest in the game or not.
First, join the game and play for ~15 minutes and let me know what you think. Keep in mind you (probably) aren’t playing with other players, which may make the game feel less alive. Join here (Find The Jellybeans[65] - Roblox) then come back to this post.

So. Should I do a 10k sponsor on one day?
Would I make money?
How many players do you think I’ll average at once?
Will the game have any traction?

Any other thoughts on the game are greatly appreciated, so let me know!


bumping because 5 people have clicked on the link but nobody has left a reply :frowning:

It is nowhere near ready, unfortunatly.

  • The map is very low quality, and the signs look like free models.
  • I don’t think the donation board should be the first thing the player sees, they should decide if they like the game first.
  • The default dialog is ugly in my opinion.
  • There’s almost no animations.
  • I saw ZFighting.
  • There is no reason to have double jump.

The best part about the game is the UI, it’s not as bad.
So try fixing your map and the placement of the jelly beans!


I’m not sure if you quite understand that the map is supposed to resemble Roblox ~15 years ago, but that’s alright. This map quality was on purpose so that’s not going to change.

I agree. I’ll try to place it somewhere else. Any suggestions?

What would be animated? Something within the map?

I used 1 stud movement for most of the map, so I’m pretty sure I avoided that. Could you let me know where you found it?

When is there any reason to have anything in a video game? Maybe I don’t understand what your approach to this is, but it seems absolutely useless IMO.

Yeah, I think anyone can agree with that, but it’s to match the age and style of the map.

Not really sure what the placement of Jellybeans has to do with anything…elaborate on that.

The map is all deliberate there’s nothing to be “fixed”.

Thanks for the reply! I suggest you play Find The Markers, Find The Memes, and Find The Simpsons as it seems to me that you don’t understand the game genre/style.

Well I don’t exactly enjoy the style of game which is specifically made to look old or bad. So, good luck with that game I guess.

I mean that if you made a new map, the placement should be different too.

Behind some sign to the far right corner of the map relative to the spawn.

Maybe add some tweens with the UI, or an animation when you collect a bean. It’s all constant right now.

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Great idea! I think I’ll do that actually.

Ah. Thanks for clarifying.

I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for answering my questions!

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65 views and only 1 person gave feedback so far >_< don’t be shy lol


I’m not al to familiar with the genre but a key point you should think about is replayability.

What makes players come back after they collected all the items?
Maybe add some sorry of rebirth leaderstat. Some players would do anything just to get their name on top 100 list.

I would spend 1k to try things out and see from there how it goes. Also gather as much feedback as possible from the players that join your game during the test sponsor.

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I did about 1.5k in sponsors and the game did quite well. Many players came back and the average playtime was acceptable. I had streamers play the game with their viewers and they all had a very good time playing the game. Here’s the problem. I made 0 Robux. I haven’t put any more money into it because I would lose more. Kind of letting the game die :confused:

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If your players like the game, that’s a very good sign!
I believe you shouldn’t completely give up on your game. Think about ways to improve the monetization of your game. Don’t get discouraged by not having earned anything this time, if people really like your game you’ll eventually earn something back.

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you kinda joined this catagory at the wrong time, scavenger hunt games are dying rapidly, but if you want to improve the game, heres a few things i hate:
1, too much neon
2, make the meterials consistent, if i am looking for a “old roblox” game, then i should expect grid texture everywhere, not some neon, sand stone and stuff everywhere, it just look like it dosn’t fit in, also get rid of structures that are remotely detailed, like the tower, because “old roblox” games don’t really have a lot of detailed models going everywhere.
3,avoid low-quaility decals or just decal at all, because again, decals seem way to detailed or dosn’t fit in with the stud vibe you are looking for.

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