Is my game worth continuing?

Hey guys I was wondering if you could check out my game and give me some feedback.

To be honest, it’s not super advanced. The game works like this:

I took crossroads, made a huge table of Roblox catalog gear, and put in randomly spawning boxes that give the gear.

I put in 1k robux one day, and 2k robux the next in sponsoring. It was all I could afford. People seem to enjoy it. When there’s like 8 people in a server it gets super chaotic and funny. Someone’s sending airstrikes down, another persons shooting turkeys out of a cannon, everyones just fighting and blowing stuff up.

Some people kept coming back and playing some more, and some people stayed for a few hours or so which made me feel like it was getting good reception

But I literally got only one 45 robuck gamepass sale, so lets just say I didn’t exactly break even.

Anyways, do you think this idea is worth continuing? Should I try and sink some more money into advertising? If so what do you think I should improve first to make a sustainable profit?


I believe it definitely is a good idea, and could be a hit. I would just recommend possible advancing it further with new UI and more advanced things. Other than that, it was quite fun to play. Would play again, and possibly purchase products.


One thing you can definitely fix to make the game look more modern is to change out the baseplate to a part, so the baseplate “grid” texture isn’t there.


It takes a lot to get your money back with gamepasses. Sadly, unless your game is big, the chances of you ever breaking even is unlikely. Worse case is you can lower the prices of gamepasses and/or add more to attempt to increase your sales.

More people are willing to buy cheap gamepasses on a game that isn’t extremely popular rather than hundreds. I would buy the rainbow trail just because it’s so cheap, but I wouldn’t buy the boombox as an example. Both don’t add much to the game but the prices made a differences on me impression wise.

Though I understand you want it to be higher to prevent abuse, but it sounds like you’re interactive enough with the community to notice if someone is abusing a feature like the boombox.

That question is 100% up to you and you only. If you want to spend time into creating it - then do. The more a game is worked on and has more features, the more people you will join. Being a developer on a platform that has millions of games is hard to compete with. It’s why you’d want to spend a lot of time into making something unique. And this is fun! You have a super fun idea. Just keep working on it.

Right now your main goal shouldn’t be spending more money into advertising, rather saving up and then spending your time ironing out the details.

Some simple fixes I would add would maybe speed up the general pacing of the game? It felt very very slow. Then make the speed gamepass a little higher to be adjusted with the new overall change in the game’s speed. This slowness actually demotivated me to go get more mystery boxes - It was more of a chore to collect them from how slow it felt to walk to one.

I would also suggest if you can, try making your own map. Having an original map will make me associate that map with that game - if that makes sense. A lot of other games use the older Roblox maps, such as LAZER. And they can be a lot of fun, but when I think of the Crossroads map, I’m not associating it with LAZER or your game. And when people think of your game, you want them to think of something creative! But this is a personal opinion and stuff and doesn’t actually affect the quality of the game. If you don’t have the time / want / desire to make custom maps, then don’t. It works just fine without a custom map.

Or have a feature where users can vote on maps. Adding voting for maps will just make it more fun and will change things up and will keep the same feeling of “Nothing else to do besides jump off of here and climb up that” and whatnot.

Another thing is maybe have rounds? Like a timer and whoever gets the most kills within that time frame wins? There’s really no real reason for me to kill users when I don’t have a reason to keep trying, y’know? While writing this review I just left the game running and I can hear people kill me - Because I have no reason not to just let people kill me.

Despite the small issues such as slowness and nothing to do besides just kill each other (as there’s currently no gain from killing users) - Very fun game! I had a lot of fun playing it when I did and I will bring my friends to play it with me as well in the future. You have a VERY fun idea! Hopefully what I said wasn’t too much or anything. ^^ If you don’t want to use any the feedback I’ve suggested you’re not required to, it’s your game after all.


I think it’s possible to effectively monetize this concept:

The main appeal of the game is the randomized weapons. For it to be really interesting, there needs to always be new weapons that a given player won’t have seen before. I got two repeats after picking up 8 gears, so you should probably add a lot more and maybe make it so you don’t get repeats.

That way, you can charge like 5 R$ to let players keep 1 gear when they re-spawn, or 15 R$ to keep their entire inventory. You could have gear “themes” that players pay to activate, e.g. an explosive theme that makes all gears for the next 2 minutes be explosives like bombs or cannons, or a magic theme or a melee theme.


Aha, i seem to be working on a slightly similar concept to yours but with different gamemodes. But enough about me.

At first glance, the game is very retro, with the R6 rig and classic roblox gear, I get some sort of nostalgia from this game. But this is 2020, most games like this have a weak chance of being on the front page. You can upgrade your game by making your own gears. Maybe add some more features to it, such as gamemodes and more. UI is also important to catch the players eye! To answer your question, yes, you should continue making improvements to your game and it will have a bright future.


This game is actually kind of fun, even though it is like catalog heaven but randomized. When you have a full server that is when the fun begins and you make friends along the way. But just add or fix all the stuff that people have already said.


I think (as said above) that you should add some new UI, but also give more information about gamepasses. If I’m going to spend R$ 200 on a walkspeed gamepass, I want to know just how much faster I’ll be walking.

Also, please please add a KO & WO count on the leaderboard! I destroyed the server with some bees, but there wasn’t really any satisfaction in it because nobody could see how awesome I was.

Lastly, during the regeneration, I got stuck in the floor. Maybe try to change how that works a bit? Picture below.


I believe that you should keep your game going, it is fun. But as always the decisions are up to you. If you feel like you are making progress and noticing that other players are enjoying your game, then I’d say yes your game should be worth continuing.

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I played it and I think it a pretty cool and unique game. I just do not know how much further you could really go with it but good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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