Is my hangout game just rubbish?

What do you think of this game. Does it have any potential, or is it just a waste of my time?

I really don’t think I should put my robux into advertisment it, because I don’t know if I would get it back.

Like what are the chances you get your robux back when advertising game like this?

Anything to improve?

(I thought maybe I could do something with it, but now it just seems… Basic and sad. Like is this even a game honestly? Or just a waste of time…)

I personally think the game is fine, the UI tween looks clean and you have a nice little map, you can work on this more to make it cooler I guess but I’ll just get to the point, **I don’t think it’s actually worth investing on.**The reason I say that is not because the game is bad but hangout places as a whole don’t get too much attention on roblox. I would suggest maybe investing in something a little more “practical” if you know what I mean. What I exactly mean by this is a game that gets players more engaging, if you do want to invest in this it’s totally up to you because the game looks nice and clean for now, but remember to not invest too much in, since hangouts are usually games people only play once or twice. Hope you found this helpful.

Thumbnail: Kinda bad ngl, feels very boring and unappealing. It could definitely use some work on the thumbnail.
Minigames: I mean its fine for a hangout, gameplay isnt really the main point. Having them is nice, I suppose.

Spelling and grammar: Pretty bad, but this could be easily fixed.

Hangout building, terrain, etc: feels really boring. The terrain is just a flat desert. The builds are honestly very mediocre at best, except for the free models, which clash with the rest of the builds. Its fine to have very simplistic builds if youre aiming for that aesthetic, but it clashes with the free models.

It has potential, just firstly you have to focus on an aesthetic. This is a hangout, so you have to appeal to something, whether it be nostalgia or some other aesthetic like say an 1980’s aesthetic or an anime aesthetic. Of course, it is very hard to appeal to multiple different groups, but you could probably find a niche who enjoys the aesthetic you present.
The thumbnail (and other photos on the game page) is what gets people interested in the game (assuming they click on the ad in the first place), but the thumbnail has to match with the aesthetic of the game itself.
Advertising should also try and appeal to those who you are trying to appeal.

So basically make a new game, with more gameplay? And interctves.

Yeah, you know something that is more engaging to play and keeps people coming back to perhaps grind for something more.