Is PathWaypoint.Action inaccurate?

According to wiki documentation, The Action describes the action to take when this PathWaypoint is reached.

This is a visualisation of a simple path.

  • Start position is the SpawnLocation; end position is the green part.
  • Blue 1x1x1 parts represent Walk action waypoint positions.
  • Red 1x1x1 parts represent Jump action waypoint positions.

From this path, would you not expect the last blue Walk waypoint before reaching the platform to be the Jump action, not the waypoint that’s already on the raised platform? (Which would already require a jump action to reach?

This is causing me a lot of problems, because according to MoveToFinished, my NPC never actually reaches the red platform, because it physically cannot without jumping (but, according to the waypoint, a jump should not be completed until it is reached).

Simple repro - see ServerScriptService.
pathfinding woes.rbxl (19.0 KB)

Can anybody clarify?

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I believe you use the action from the waypoint you’re trying to reach, not the waypoint you’ve already reached.

i.e the action to complete in order to reach the next waypoint is a jump, so it is red.

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That’s what I assumed upon testing, just wondered if I was wrong for some reason. Very frustrating that the wiki documentation is incorrect