Is putting 3k in this game worth it?

hello, I was wondering if my game that I have here would be worth putting 3k into advertisment. What do ya’ll think?

First off, as a fellow obby builder myself, I wanna point out that the obby is pretty cool.

you may want to add things to fully complete it before spending 3k on it.

Try adding some more UI like skip stage, nukes, etc.,

Obby style
I like the obby style but attempt using different colors or textures. (Not necessary but try :D)

You should add leaderstats to an obby game so the player has an idea on where they are on in the obby.

Try doing this to make your obby more unique. Goodl luck! ツ

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Putting less than 10-20k Robux into any game is not worth it, your player count will die off after a day or two and you will not make profit, so it’s better to spend that Robux on things you like instead. Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not entirely true if you have a fun game that keeps players coming back (such as a game where you have to advance to levels and unlock things and spend currency) players will want to come back to play again, they will invite friends and grow your game but the more robux the better


I strongly disagree with this. While this is true in theory, it’s just not always the case. ROBLOX players are very unpredictable and it can go either way. It’s more likely to go badly if your spending less on ADs.

OP might have an amazing game (IDK I didn’t play it), but looking at the name it appears to be an obby. The obby genre is very very over saturated so unless he made the next Tower or Hell its going to be tough to make it stand out with just 3K.

The ROBUX would be better spent on something OP would enjoy or save it for something else.

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  1. It’s extremely dark, perhaps you should try setting it to day or making the main platforms a bit brighter, perhaps a dark gray.
  2. Like @1x1_Scripted said, the stage indicator should be in leaderstats, so the player knows where they are.
  3. An arrow pointing to the part to touch to advance to the next stage would be helpful.
  4. Music and sound effects would definitely make the game better. It’s kind of boring just jumping over a part and then seeing a “you died” screen.
  5. Add thumbnails!!! Thumbnails are an essential part of grabbing players’ attention. They can see what the game looks like or how it’s played. You can just take a simple screenshot of your game and make that a thumbnail.

You’ll definitely need skips and other developer products that the players will buy, otherwise you’ll make the mistake I did with my other game and advertise without any profit. On an obby I made, I got around 900 robux but I had spent 1000 robux on sponsors.

I’m not the best at advice, but I recommend that you try a small amount first, such as 100 robux, and then if players seem to like it and spend robux on it, then go for it. If not, you’ll want to do a little investigating to see why they didn’t spend robux on it or didn’t play it.

Like @RichoCulture said. spending 3k just isn’t enough to advertise your game to a wide range of audience. You’ll probably get around 40 players max for a short amount of time before it dies due to lack of advertisement.

I suggest you make around 10k more before advertising (maybe more to be safe).

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Not entirely. It depends on how you market the game, advertisements are not the only way. I’ve spent 10k on ads and obtained over 200 concurrent players, with a 300 peak, and a concurrent of give or take 50 players the weeks following that ad. The game was old tech too, it depends on how you market and the originality of the game, which this game might suffer from. Too sleepy to properly go into the specifics, stinky NZDT…

Anyways, to the OP, invest in the game itself before you advertise. The game needs better SEO, especially custom graphics, please do that before you spend anything on advertisements. You can probably also put a low amount into sponsorships alongside your advertisements.