Is reading how much robux a client has a locked API?

Like how the prompt purchase can tell you how much Robux your account has left. Is this a locked featured? I’d assume so but just checking.
I was hoping to be able to read how much Robux a client has to be able to suggest applicable purchases in-game within their budget.


I feel like this could be exploited to a certain extend…

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YieldFunction int MarketplaceService:GetRobuxBalance() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Sadly would have to agree. I could easily see people making tiered purchases so that people with more cash would have to pay more. Not exactly a kind business practice in my books.


Do this but base it off of hat values :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Fiendish, yet brilliant. Can’t forget to make a list of the richest users to increase the price even further!

What if you instead used it for good, like giving NBC users discounts on game passes :blush:

Just give it to people with the NBC MembershipType then :slight_smile:

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I mean, you could, but doesn’t that as a whole sum up as the same situation, charging richer players more for stuff? I have seen that used before though, years ago.


It would be able to easily abuse that f.e. in “I can click button 300 times per second. Can you beat me?” scams. I think the most of people know what I mean… The button is located where the “purchase” button in the purchasing UI and when you click it really really fast, the “click” button disappears and the prompt purchase form appears.

Yeah. you could create dev products for a large range of robux prices and find what the largest dev product is that the player can afford and steal a large amount of their robux using this scam

Exactly. When you don’t know user’s balance you can’t set that big amount - it’s possible that user won’t be able to afford it. But if you set it to small amount - you won’t raise that much… It would be risky to release API such like that as public.

Here’s the wiki for reference:

If you want to market more expensive products to richer players then you should use real world marketing strategies instead of trying to literally view their balance :thinking:


If you think about it though, it’s smart.
Only suggesting purchases that are within reach of their current balance without having to go and buy more robux in advance.

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Oh yeah it’s definitely smart.

Obviously in the real world you don’t see people’s balances (yet…) however you could try using something like hat RAP to get a ballpark wealth.

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I’m sorry… WHAT?


I don’t think this would give an accurate result. I have more than 200k robux in RAP, but my robux count is 100.
Similarly, my friend has more than 400k robux in RAP but his robux count is around 20k or less.

You can’t come to a conclusion that if someone has ~3M robux in RAP, they’d have of about the same amount.

Yeah, it’s locked. It’s an internal function for CoreScripts, such as the purchase confirmation UI.

You wouldn’t need to use this anyway.

I mean, for my proposed use case, I would

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I don’t think you should market based on a person’s budget. Having all products available to them allows them to determine what’s within their budget and how much they’d like to spend to get extra money to buy those items.