Is religion/country’s UGC ok?

Hello guys I want to make religious or Country Based UGC’s Will roblox allow that or not?

You already have crosses which represent Christianity I want to represent other religions as well I don’t know if roblox would like dat

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religious NOPE
cuz people may think thats kinda racist or some thing like that.

country YES
I dont see why not + ppl do make country UGC

How exactly?


They would allow LGBTQ but not the holy cross, why?
Are they assuming that all Christians are online bullies?
Doesn’t matter that much, damn David Baliberal


Legit the same thought what I wanted to add was Islam and christian and more since you don’t see legit any UGC that are like that much

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I only said no bcuz most people dont use religious UGC and stuff

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Nope. It does not. It is technically just two random sticks. If you make a UGC of cross with jesus or bible, it will not be accepted.
Fun fact: Roblox is a kid platform, bans all religions, dating and politics but allows talking about sexual orientation on men.


This is because discussing topics like religion, politics, etc. often starts arguments, while sexual orientation is simply a part of someone’s identity.

However, it should be noted that religion is allowed on the platform in some context. There are groups to represent religions which have been allowed on the platform, because simply practicing a religion on the platform isn’t the same as discussing religions.

Roblox is aiming to be inclusive, not exclusive, to as many people as possible.


A man.
Is biologically a human. That is his basic identity.
If he like dogs or believes in Hindu, it doesn’t make him any different physically. It’s just a mental thought or ideology. What’s the difference?

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Ah yes, my favorite country, the state of bisexual…?

But yeah, I think you can do religious. I’ve seen a couple of arabic hoods (I honestly have no clue what their called) and cross accessories.

The difference lies in the fact that your ideas can change somewhat easily with new information. Sexual orientation is something that isn’t changeable for the vast majority of the population. It’s not something that you can simply change your mind on, and therefore is identity.

You simply are the way you are, and there’s nothing you can really do. As far as I know, this is because much of your identity actually lies in your brain structure, which is technically a physical characteristic and may not always reflect the rest of somebody’s body.


True, sexual orientations isn’t really ideological. It’s half biological, half mental. I don’t think people likes men for any political reasons, it’s just their mutated or changed biology that makes them do so. Fair. Gayness isn’t a ideology, but Pride is.


The point is that Roblox wants to be inclusive, and therefore will always allow expressions of identity and sometimes expression of ideology when it is unlikely to cause issues. They want to allow freedom of expression without turning the platform into a cesspool full of arguments, and this is how they’ve chosen to handle it.

They do allow Christianity. The groups that got banned were probably taking it too far.


Don’t listen to that guy.
Yes, you can allow religious content in your game.

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OF course they are human, What are they aliens?

Some of them are, Some aren’t. Religion = argument.

Thats fine?

Someone with a brain finally!

You can add religious stuff to your game, But roblox hates talking about religion due to it being a kid friendly platform and doesn’t want “God jesus this that blah blah” Because that can upset people. :grinning:


I don’t think religious or country-based accessories can get you in troubles, though you must stay neutral and not promote any of those as I think that could be considered as an offense.

TL:DR, I wouldn’t do it to be sure in my opinion but I don’t think you can get banned for that.

You should be fine with religion given you aren’t being offensive about it

About countries, you should be completely fine (also don’t be offensive)

Ah yes sure that won’t start an argument. You won’t believe how may servers i have been in and people started arguments about that.

Hm, i would have something to say about this but I am not going to say it, you probably can understand what I mean

Just did a little research ill post another one in a sec