Is Roblox Support even logical at this point?

It has recently been raised to my attention that users (including myself) are being subject to unfair, unjustified, and overall false account moderation, I will explain the effect it has had on me in a moment, but first of all, I need to raise a few points first;

Q. Is Roblox support helpful for you though?
A. No, I have contacted them through the correct channels in relations to one of my effected accounts, but to no avail, other than some auto reply which has repeated itself yet again.

Q. What happened to you in order to make you post this thread?
A. It’s simple; I want to raise awareness of the lack of support from Roblox Moderation around falsely terminated accounts, of which I will tell my story now, to give some context.

So, I’ve owned a certain 3 character account since 2012, I created it, I owned it, I used it, nobody else has touched it.
There wasn’t an email on it when I recently discovered it by chance scrolling through old groups of mine, however that should be enough evidence of the ownership of the account due to the fact that;

  1. The account had my email as the first email.
  2. My payment details are the first on the account.
  3. I can give details about the area it was created on, based on IP logs, etc.

This seems valid, right?
The answer is yes, but according to moderation, they’ve “referred it to a specialist” whatever that means, and even this morning (UK time ofc) I recieved a response, but it was the EXACT same message, but with a different “name” at the bottom.

I find this disgusting, the fact I own an account which has been falsely moderated, funnily enough, the reason is actually laughable.


How can you compromise yourself? Hm?
It’s not possible, to put it simply.

I am aware of the current PG epidemic going on currently, but at least contact the account owner before closing it as compromised, without valid evidence of such.

Feel free to leave your experiences below, and hopefully we can all discuss our feelings together as one.

  • Voxelinator