Is Swearing Allowed?

Is swearing allowed on the DevForum? I have found this reply in Building Template Plugin - Render Real Life Roads/Buildings in Studio which contains a swear word.

Legit, the first word.

Reply Link:

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In public categories no. But in private categories mild swearing that isn’t directed to a person (e.g “shit I spilled my coffee” is fine but “fuck you” isn’t).

So you can feel free to DM the author of that reply to edit it out or flag it

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But since the post is able to be seen without being logged in, it is against the rules?


Ok! Thank you so much. Never knew this.

The Developer Forum isn’t like the Roblox platform. As @incapaz said, using some swear words isn’t a really big deal here (as long as you don’t use them to attack an other person).