Is teleportservice totally client sided?

Is there not a way to get passed data from the server?

The only things that seem to have access to that data are local. It’s weird to me though, why would this information be local instead of being server sided? I just feel like i imagine a lot more uses for this information to be server sided.


Yes, it’s completely local unless I missed a memo somewhere… If you want information to persist through the universe on the server-side you would just be looking at the DatastoreService. If you want a temporary key, you can always delete it with:

My usage for those TeleportService two things in the service would be to :

  • Simply obtain information only the client would need to know.

  • Don’t rely on this function to send sensitive information as this is just for the client.

This allows us to quickly do things on the client that doesn’t need the server to interfere with. Considering that client to self is faster than server to client this functionality is ideal for it’s purpose, localized data.


You’re technically correct. However, with the release of the new TeleportPartyAsync API, Players have a GetJoinData function. Note that this function only works when the player has been teleported using the new TeleportPartyAsync function.

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Although, when I’ve looked into the function, I saw that it only returns a Dictionary containing the SourcePlaceId of the previous server and the list of Members involved in the teleport. It doesn’t return what I assume is what @ColdSmoke is looking for; the teleportData field. Which is assigned to each and every user that is involved in most if not all Teleports (Only if you assign a Key and Value to this parameter). The teleportData field would still have to be read locally.

Kinda was mentioning the same thing with this post Why is TeleportService usable through the client [To teleport OTHER clients]?

Basically I have no idea why TeleportService is client-sided at all tbh

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do, but no you can’t get any data from the server, if you need the data on the server for whatever reason, you could use RemoteEvents to transfer the data in a table.

The thing is though, as sure its easy to get that info, that info can easily be modified by the client for any purpose. It should be server-sided

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Ah, I see. Good point, this definitely needs to be modified.

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