Is the "berezaa's method" to save data abusive?


So I have been looking at the Datastore2 module because I was quite interested about it but I saw that it uses the “berezaa’s method”. After doing some research about the berezaa’s method from my knowledge the way it works is it has a ordereddata store for each player to add a new save every time it saves. I feel like this is quite abusive as it would be creating many different datastores.

I do get that the berezaa’s method reduces the chance of major data saving issues but still seems quite a bad thing to do. I could see people getting in trouble for using this method. I looked for some people talking about this topic but could not really find much about it.

My question really is do you think the method is an abusive way to store data or is ok method to use when storing data?

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I personally won’t use it because I don’t like how it’s abusing newborn datastores. I really prefer Listversionsasync for backup and player removing to save data

It’s up to you, but me won’t.

I think it is abusive and also think it has no benefit especially now that datastore now supports versioning

I did not know there was something like that. I will have to take a look into it.

you can also read more about it here

so it will keep versions up to 30 days but the latest version is kept forever

I found it not-so-useful when I got loading warnings when I only loaded the data like once.
I switched to Profile service after that.

iv always used datastore directly and never had any problems apart from when roblox servers go down but no mater what api you use to interact with datastore at the end of the day its just datastore so if datastore goes down all apis stop working unless your using http to save your data outside of roblox